Recognizing all organizations have limited resources in one way or another, AHP partners with its clients in order to discover and utilize resources necessary for success.

In the highly competitive health industry it is not uncommon for a medical product innovator to excel in the areas of science, research and development, and technology.

However, despite such accomplishment, many medical pioneers are in need of additional resources in such specialties as product marketing and distribution management.  Without these critical resources, innovative health products are often unknowingly limited in terms of reaching maximum market potential.  Without recognizing the need for professional and experienced marketing and distribution management, an innovator’s product can unnecessarily fall short of investor’s expectations.  With proper resource utilization, this pitfall can be avoided.

AHP provides the following critical resources to its clients:

Market Research and Analysis

AHP provides clients an objective and unbiased perspective regarding the potential of health related products and services in the United States market.  The AHP process grants clients a reliable analysis of an innovation’s viability in the U.S.A. 

AHP’s market research and analysis not only validates the product’s potential by providing insight to the marketplace but it also serves to establish a strong foundation that garners confidence in the implementation strategies that will move the product forward.

Investment decisions should only be made following sufficient exploration into the market potential for a product or service.  Being wrong is not an option or luxury most clients can afford.  Proper interpretation of research results is critical.

Introduction or launch of a product should rarely be made based solely on the technical need or simply the benefit provided by the product, but rather on an understanding of the barriers that influence the market’s willingness to embrace the product regardless of the current standard of care.  If the market does not recognize the need and benefits of the innovation, the product or service is destined for failure.

Marketing Planning and Implementation

Research paves the way for targeted and effective marketing planning and implementation.  In medical terms, prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.  The same is true for any marketing strategy that is implemented without due diligence.

A thorough marketing plan serves as a road map for bringing innovations to life.  Critical questions are answered as to how strategies and tactics will be implemented in order to deliver the product to the end user in such a way that the client’s objectives are met.

The marketing plan addresses issues such as defining the sales process, product packaging, determining “1st choice” distribution channels, maximizing public relations opportunities and development and budgeting of an advertising strategy and tactics.

Financial Strategies

AHP works with clients to evaluate their financial strategies and needs in light of an investor’s objectives.  Defining the need and amount of capital investment required is a critical phase of the capitalization process.

Adequate funding is a serious factor in the development and subsequent launch of any product or service.  Investors have certain standards and rigid requirements that must be met before they are willing to invest in potential ventures.

AHP recognizes the need clients typically have for attracting strategic financial investors and potential acquirers.  Following the proprietary market readiness process, it is not uncommon for AHP to introduce clients to the proven AHP network of angel investors that often support AHP investment opportunities.

Readiness Audit

Prior to launching any product or services AHP requires and conducts a market readiness audit to determine if all the elements are in place in order to maximize a products potential and minimize any obstacle to its success.

In most cases, clients are not simply launching a product; they are establishing a brand in the market.  Successful brand development opens doors of opportunity while at the same time leading the way for future product introductions.

Packaging, product and sales training, collateral marketing material, and operational issues are included in the audit process.  To do so insures critical factors for success are in place.

Distribution Management

Having a new and exciting product in no way guarantees distribution, not to mention the challenge of gaining a “1st choice” distributor with the resources to best penetrate the market and deliver the product in a way which best serves the client and the end user.

No product or service can fully maximize its market potential without a well-managed distribution system. Proper distribution channels insure that AHP client’s products are delivered to the end user in an effective and efficient manner.

AHP provides more than fifty years of combined distribution management expertise to its clients.  AHP walks a product through the cumbersome and extremely challenging process of obtaining an established presence with premiere distributors within the U.S.A. healthcare industry.

Depending on the need of the client, AHP can actually serve as the “1st choice” distributor for a client’s products.  In the role of distributor AHP provides services such as U.S.A. office capabilities (for international clients), sales management, marketing implementation, inventory management, logistics, electronic data interchange, accounting and reporting.